Cookie Policy
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Last updated:  May 15, 2017

Atmosphere Capital Limited (“Atmosphere”, “we”, “us”, or “our”) uses cookies on (the “website”, or “site”) to provide you with the best online experience.  By using our website, you may accept or decline cookies.  Most web browsers will automatically accept cookies; however, you may modify your browser setting to decline cookies if you prefer.  If you decline cookies, you may need to manually adjust some preferences each time you visit our website.  

What are cookies?

A browser cookie (or tracking cookie) is a small, often encrypted text file, that may be saved on your device’s browser directory when you visit our site.  It enables our site to remember your actions and preferences (such as language, font size, display preferences, and even logins, where available) over a period of time, so you do not have to keep re-entering them whenever you revisit the site or browse from one page to another.  These cookies are not personally identifiable, and we do not use cookies to store any personal information that could be read or understood by others.  To learn more about cookies, visit

How do we use cookies?

We use two types of cookies, primarily for administrative purposes and to improve your experience while navigating our website.  Session cookies are temporary and will be deleted after you close your browser session.  Persistent cookies will be stored on your device’s hard drive until automatic expiration (typically set to expire after 30 days), or until you delete them.  Examples of this would include the use of cookies: 

  • To keep track of your preferences, e.g., to remember your preference(s), including language and location. 
  • To allow for easier navigation of our site.
  • To enhance the performance of the website.
  • To conduct research and analytics to improve our website experience.  This includes using services such as Google Analytics (or another comparable service) to compile statistical information, including frequency of site use, pages visited, and the length of each visit. 
  • We will not use cookies for any other purpose other than as stated above. 

For more information on how we collect and use information, please refer to our Privacy Policy found in our Terms and Conditions.

How to manage cookies?

You may manage and/or delete cookies on your device, and you may set most browsers to prevent them from being placed.  If you decline all cookies, you may experience reduced functionality while navigating our site, you may have to manually adjust some preferences every time you visit our site, and/or some services and functionalities may not work.  To learn how to manage/delete cookies, visit, or contact us at operations (at) atmospherecapital (dot) uk (dot) co. 

By clicking on the acceptance box, you are giving consent to Atmosphere Capital to use these cookies.